About ATCO Software Inc.

With origins dating to November 1999, ATCO Software LLC ("ATCO") is a Hawaii based Limited Liability Company offering a suite of software products for the Attractions Industry sector of the global tourism market.

ATCO Software Inc. provides web-based software that supports the sale of tours, activities, attractions and restaurant reservations. The software automates voucher processing for your concierge desk or Timeshare desk and reservation booking for tours, cruises, shows, sports, destinations and restaurants, all with the added security of off-site data storage and backup.

ATCO's software suite receives real-time, real inventory reservations from company websites, desktops, public kiosks, mobile websites, and hotel room TVs.

The ATCO corporate headquarters are located on the island of Kauai and the principal operations facility for technology development and sales is located in Honolulu at the Manoa Innovation Center.

The ATCO Mission

The ATCO goal is to provide global, real-time connectivity among all of the participants of the Attractions Industry through a suite of web-enabled software components that includes reservation systems, voucher systems and other software that is essential for participation in the industry. ATCO automates the processing of a voucher by the sales agent, and/or the taking of the reservation by an activity provider or restaurant. The software provides for real-time online connectivity between industry participants, as well as between each participant's website and their reservation or vouchering software.

ATCO believes that the Internet forever altered the traditional Tourism and Travel industries and is dedicated to bringing the connectivity and efficiencies of the Internet to the Attractions Industry through its products. We believe that our value as a purveyor is enhanced by a dedication to technology application that is coupled with customer service.

Company Personnel

Thomas S. Blankley, Jr. is the company President and founder. Mr. John L. Brizdle is the company's VP-Sales and Marketing. Mr. Sean Agan handles sales, training, and mainland sales. Mr. Kevin Shin is the company's Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for the company's technology development and application.

Thomas S. Blankley, Jr. Originally from New York, Mr. Blankley has been involved in the Hawaii Tourism industry since 1991. His background in the industry includes Vacation Ownership and Activity Sales with PAHIO Resorts Inc. (1991-1998), Hotel and Lodging with Castle Resorts and Hotels, Inc. (1999-2000) prior to his founding of Access Inc., the corporate predecessor to ATCO Software Inc. in 2000. Prior to moving to Hawaii, Mr. Blankley was a corporate executive for Merrill Lynch (New York 1975-1979, Hong Kong/Tokyo 1981-1986) where he was the youngest Regional Director in the company's history, and Drexel Burnham Lambert (London 1986-1988). Mr. Blankley became a Wall Street Refugee in 1988 when he moved to Kauai to retire. Mr. Blankley is married and has three children.

John L. Brizdle Mr. Brizdle has been involved in the Hawaii Tourism industry since 1974. His background in the industry includes Tour and Trolley Company ownership on Oahu with E Noa Corporation (1974-1995). During that time Mr. Brizdle participated in numerous community activities including: Interpret Hawaii training at Kapiolani Community College, Hawaii Activities and Attractions Association President, and Hawaii Transportation Association Board of Directors. Since leaving E Noa Corporation, he has been a Consultant for the Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau (1998-2002), Publisher of the book, "Streetcar Days in Honolulu", and Consultant for Access Inc. (the corporate predecessor to ATCO Software Inc.) 2002 until the present. Mr. Brizdle is married and has two children.

Sean Agan Growing up in the Midwest, Sean's dream was to live by the ocean and in his 20's made the move to Maui. He started by making a living working at one of the many activity sales booths in Lahaina, Maui selling helicopter, boat, and luau tickets. After a few years in Maui, Sean moved to Kauai when offered a sales management position at an activity sales company and soon found himself as a Marketing & Sales Consultant for one of the larger resort/timeshare companies. The depth of his experience in the Tourism & Attractions industry increased further as he also managed a Kayak Tour Company in addition to his other tourism related consulting work. Sean helped develop one of ATCO's Voucher products designed specifically for timeshare activity desks and also brought in some of ATCO's largest Voucher clients. In 2010 Sean moved to the mainland to become the new Mainland Sales Representative as ATCO's business expands beyond Hawaii's shores. Having managed many companies that have used ATCO's products, Sean truly brings a valuable perspective to the sales team.

In addition to the existing ASI management team identified above, ASI employs 10 additional software specialists who program the ASI components on an ongoing basis and work with the sales team and customers to create a customer driven product. Mr. Kevin Shin is the lead software specialist on the ATCORez system project. Mr. Danny Mun is the lead software specialist for the ATCO Vouchering project. All of the ASI professional software team members are computer science or business school graduates of the University of Hawaii.