About ATCO Software Inc.

With origins dating to November 1999, ATCO Software LLC ("ATCO") is a Hawaii based Limited Liability Company offering a suite of software products for the Attractions Industry sector of the global tourism market.

ATCO Software Inc. provides web-based software that supports the sale of tours, activities, attractions and restaurant reservations. The software automates voucher processing for your concierge desk or Timeshare desk and reservation booking for tours, cruises, shows, sports, destinations and restaurants, all with the added security of off-site data storage and backup.

ATCO's software suite receives real-time, real inventory reservations from company websites, desktops, public kiosks, mobile websites, and hotel room TVs.

The ATCO corporate headquarters are located on the island of Kauai and the principal operations facility for technology development and sales is located in Honolulu at the Manoa Innovation Center.

The ATCO Mission

The ATCO goal is to provide global, real-time connectivity among all of the participants of the Attractions Industry through a suite of web-enabled software components that includes reservation systems, voucher systems and other software that is essential for participation in the industry. ATCO automates the processing of a voucher by the sales agent, and/or the taking of the reservation by an activity provider or restaurant. The software provides for real-time online connectivity between industry participants, as well as between each participant's website and their reservation or vouchering software.

ATCO believes that the Internet forever altered the traditional Tourism and Travel industries and is dedicated to bringing the connectivity and efficiencies of the Internet to the Attractions Industry through its products. We believe that our value as a purveyor is enhanced by a dedication to technology application that is coupled with customer service.