ATCO Voucher for Tour and Activity Sellers

ATCO Voucher for Tour and Activity Sellers is a web-based platform typically used by hotel concierge desks, activity desks, timeshare companies and web based dotcom companies that sell attractions (tours, cruises, shows, sports, destinations, or restaurants) to their customers. ATCO Voucher can connect in real time to ATCORez.

ATCO Voucher    ATCO Voucher
  • >>ATCO Voucher is the largest web-enabled Activity Selling platform in Hawaii.

  • >>ATCO Voucher started commercial operation in Hawaii December 2001.

  • >>ATCO Voucher has three different interfaces for your Activity Desk, Concierge Desk, or Timeshare Desk.

  • >>ATCO Voucher is web-enabled to allow easy set-up of new locations virtually anywhere.

  • >>ATCO Voucher is an activity selling program that provides Daily Sales Reports, with Marketing, Tracking, Accounting and Guest Services Support.

  • >>ATCO Voucher allows for and tracks refunds before and after the tour.

  • >>ATCO Voucher uses bar codes on the vouchers to facilitate security and accounting.

  • >>ATCO Voucher allows for printing information in English and Japanese on the same sales voucher.

  • >>ATCO Voucher allows for multiple payment types for all transactions.

  • >>ATCO Voucher allows for Activity Providers to login to see their blocks and scan in their vouchers for on-line billing.

  • >>ATCO Voucher allows for real time on-line booking to the ATCORez software.

  • >>ATCO Voucher may be integrated with other Accounting software products either directly or via such products as Microsoft Office.

  • >>ATCO Voucher may be run on the licensee's server or may be run on our servers.

  • >>ATCO Voucher includes industry standard Web Service documentation to allow for real time on-line booking from your website.

  • >>Guests can connect to ATCO Voucher from the hotel website, kiosk, or TV in their room.

  • >>ATCO Voucher is PCI Compliant